ARTEMP, Inc is a production center founded by performing artists with a goal of changing the future by establishing the ideas of today as the projects of tomorrow. We are the connection between the artist’s intend to change the world and the factual market of potential distribution.


Through a series of educational programs, a CD release, various concerts and cultural events in both countries, we are planning to establish a dialogue that will mutually benefit these countries and will enrich their communities through the arts.


Russia XX is an exiting series of concerts presented by a Russian piano-cello duo Anna Keiserman - Mark Prihodko. For more than 20 concerts, audience will have a chance of hearing diverse music of XX century Russia. 


Mark is an author of an original lecture series titled "Self-management and entrepreneurship in the arts" where he shares with the audience branding techniques, marketing strategies, and takes apart toolbox of a successful artist and entrepreneur. Lecture in style of a discussion-based talk can be performed both, in Russian and in English. 


Created and organized by performing artists, international project ARTEMP serves the essence of XXI century artwork by uniting artists and creators from all over the world in a one-of-a-kind experience of collaborative contemporary art.


Composition Academy ARTEMP took place in Minsk Belarus, in March of 2018. Together with two world famous composer faculty from Germany and Russia, the ARTEMP Team was able to accommodate 10 students for an intensive week of creating, networking, learning and collaborating.


Project Rayzman is an intensive cultural research shared among talented individuals from all over the world in order to understand the role of art in the history of Jewish nation in XX century. This documentary is the result of a series of interviews and the production of the inner-disciplinary performance inspired by the story of the Holocaust survivor Vladimir Rayzman by the pool of young NY based artists.

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